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ahmed_new 08-08-2012 08:44 PM

<*iv align="center"><*iv align="center">RealPlayer

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RealPlayer play all popular vi*eo formats inclu*ing avi, flv, mpeg4, an* organize all your vi*eos, music an* photos an* *ownloa* vi*eos from the Web, an* save them to your PC .

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Downloa* Vi*eo

Downloa* vi*eos from the Web, an* save them to your PC.

Downloa*s vi*eos from UGC sites an* saves them to the web

Support *ownloa* of FLV an* MP4 formats

The browser plug-in supports IE, Firefox, an* Google Chrome

Show Downloa* this Vi*eo button on UGC sites

Single click to start *ownloa*

Downloa* multiple vi*eos simultaneously

Seamless integration with Play, E*it, Convert, an* Share features

Manage Me*ia

Manage your me*ia from Library. Organize vi*eos that youve *ownloa*e* from the web, create playlists of songs youve importe* from CDs, an* keep track of all the photos you taken with your *igital camera.

Thumbnail view of vi*eos

Manage your vi*eos, music, an* photos with a single tool

E*it properties

Create playlists

File search

Seamless integration with Play, E*it, Convert, Share, an* Burn features


Playback music an* vi*eo files, an* *isplay photos.

Supports playback of major formats au*io an* vi*eo formats such as FLV AVI WMV WMA MP3 MP4 3GP, RM, an* many more.

Display images an* thumnails of photos in major formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG

A*justable playback screen size, an* full screen mo*e

Change aspect ratio


Vi*eo controls(color, sharpness)

Seamless integration with E*it, Convert, Share, an* Burn features

[Formats supporte* by RealPlayer (list of file extensions}]rm, rmbv, ram, ra, rv, smil, mp3, m3u, CD, c*a, DVD, wav, mpg, mpeg, mpv, mps, m2v, m1v, mpe, mpa, avi, mp4, m4e, m4v, wma, wmv, wax, asx, asf, wm, wmx, wvx, mov, qt, aac, m4a, mp2, mp1, mpga, pls, xpl, ssm, au, aif, aiff, mi*, mi*i, rmi, acp, 3gp, amr, awb, qcp, EVRC, EVR, 3g2, *ivx, flv, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp

Simple E*iting

RealPlayer Trimmer provi*es simple e*iting tools of vi*eo files

Trims a vi*eo clip of the just part you nee* from a vi*eo file

Sets start an* en* points of the clip while playing the vi*eo

Trimming control lets you get *own to the nearest key frame

Shows vi*eo capture *uring trimming

Shows the au*io pattern *uring trimming

Takes a still image snapshot of a frame in a vi*eo file


Burn original CDs

Burn music CDs that you can play on your home theater system

Burn CDs that you can open on your PC

Burn VCDs

A*justable burn spee*s


Convert vi*eo files into *ifferent formats, an* e*it bitrate an* resolution with RealPlayer Converter

Convert FLV, MP3, MP4, WMA, 3GP, AVI, WAV, MOV, WMA, WMV, RM file formats into other formats

Enco*e vi*eo files into MP4, WMV, WMA, MP3, QuickTime, AAC, WAV, 3GP, RealAu*io, RealMe*ia, an* RealVi*eo formats

Saves the converte* file as a separate file

Can extract just the au*io from a vi*eo file

E*its bitrate an* resolution

Can queue multiple conversion tasks

Preset Converter profiles optimize* for *ifferent platforms an* *evices

Can create customize* Converter profiles


Copy vi*eo clips to portable me*ia *evices an* iTunes with RealPlayer Converter

Converts, an* then copies me*ia files to me*ia playback *evices

Supports iPo*, iPhone, iPa*, WALKMAN, Apple TV, Zune, Xbox 360, BlackBerry, an* MP3 Players

Copies me*ia to iTunes


Uploa* an* post vi*eos to YouTube, Twitter, an* Facebook from RealPlayer Downloa*er an* MyLibrary.

Login an* uploa* vi*eos on YouTube

Login an* uploa* vi*eos or post links on Facebook

Post links to vi*eos on Twitter an* MySpace

Email vi*eo links

File Name :


File Size : 26.2 m

Requirements : Win*ows XP |Server 2003 | Vista |Server 2008 | Win 7

Languages : English | .....

License : Freeware

Date A** : 05-06-2012

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06:26 PM.

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