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افتراضي عشرة أفكار ابداعية لحديقة الخضروات

<*iv align="left">Ten Creative Vegetable Gar*en I*eas
Make Your Vegetable Gar*en Beautifully Stan*out

The thing that makes a Vegetable Gar*en?
Vegetable gar*ens are available in all the sizes an* shapes. Vegetable gar*ens can be equally as attractive an* creative as ornamental flower backyar*s.

There seeme* to be a perio* when folks just ha* "a gar*en." Vegetables along with flowers have been selecte* for the usefulness of theirs an* intermixe* in a single gar*en, a cottage gar*en, which was usually in the front yar*.

To*ay, you are able to create a [فقط الأعضاء المسجلين والمفعلين يمكنهم رؤية الوصلات . إضغط هنا للتسجيل] piece an* also an effective small vegetable patch. An ol*er set of *rawers *iscovers a bran* new goal as a planter when place* on a la**er like framework. The *rawers are *eep a*equate to grow many vegetables an* there's actually space for a tiny tomato cage.

Spruce up With Your Vegetable Plants
Strawberry Pots Plante* with Swiss Char*
Marie Iannotti
Several vegetables, inclu*ing rainbow Swiss char*, are extremely lovely to be restricte* to the veggie gar*en. Demonstrate to them off by pro*ucing them focal points in the gar*en of yours.

This particular rainbow Swiss char* was fairly recently place* in these strawberry pots, but after they fill out, they are going to be a lot more appealing. So that as you pick the outsi*e leaves, bran* new foliage will fill in, keeping the plant life fresh looking & rich.

You are able to grow almost any vegetable in containers. This may be an ornamental an* creative very way to *esign a veggie gar*en. Almost any box is going to *o, so long as it's goo* *rainage.

Pots will be move* inten*ing to make use of the sunshine. You are able to plant one vegetable type per container or maybe mix things up. A *rawback woul* be that the *irt of pots ten*s to *ry out fast an* also you might have to water it each *ay.

Dangling Gar*en of Vegetables
Hanging Vegetable Gar*en
Effectively Preserve* or Flickr or CC BY 2.0
There's no gar*ening rule which states [فقط الأعضاء المسجلين والمفعلين يمكنهم رؤية الوصلات . إضغط هنا للتسجيل] baskets nee* to be flowers. Most vegetables are going to work in hanging planters, also. You may also get a much better yiel*, thanks in part on the heat which is being shown back away from the wall.

You are able to utilize some container type you want, from ol* buckets to recycle* so*a bottles, possibly costly ceramic bowls. Keep in min* the containers will get serious when they're full of soil that is *amp as well as fruiting plants. This particular gar*ener has hung baskets connecte* to powerful horizontal boar*s along a wall.

Vegetable Be**ing Plants
Kale Grown in the Flower Bor*er
Occasionally you've to think beyon* the gar*en. Numerous vegetables pro*uce attractive be**ing plants, particularly in case they're quick growers & often harveste*, like other sala* greens an* lettuce. A sha*y area un*er a tree is the i*eal spot for them. Or you coul* try a row of something like carrots on the e*ge aroun* a sunny bor*er.

Other wil*life an* rabbits might fin* your veggie be* appealing, but in case you interplant with blossoms which have a powerful scent or perhaps toss in a number of onion plants, these will serve as a *eterrent.

Change Your Gar*en Pallet
A lot of backyar* gar*eners un*erstan* that ol*, *iscar*e* pallets make terrific compost containers. A**itionally they make excellent vertical gar*ens. Staple a little lan*scape fabric to the interior of the front si*e of the pallet of yours an* also the exterior of the rear. Fill the entire thing with a few goo* potting soil. Next turn the pallet on the si*e of its an* make slits in which you want to insert the plants of yours. If you're likely to be hanging the pallet gar*en of yours, ensure you've stur*y hooks, because all of that woo* an* soil will allow it to be really heavy.

Gar*ening Insi*e the Box
Crate Vegetable Gar*en
A simple crate is all that you have to grow a sala* gar*en which is going to fee* you for weeks. This's a variation on a raise* be* gar*en, but since it is self containe*, it is lightweight. It might be way too weighty to lift when complete, but in case you place wheels on it, you might move it to anywhere the sunshine *eci*es to shine.

You are able to squeeze a great *eal into one space that is small. Veggies which are harveste* often, like cabbage, carrots, an* onions, will be thinne* away as you pick them, therefore there won't be overcrow*ing.

Show Off Your Container [فقط الأعضاء المسجلين والمفعلين يمكنهم رؤية الوصلات . إضغط هنا للتسجيل]
Jar Gar*en Collection
In case you've shelves, you've a backyar* gar*en - along with an attractive one at that. You *on't have to purchase specialize* hangers or even invest the weeken* *igging out a spot in the backyar* - all that you nee* to have is a pair of shelves & a few pots.

Place the compilation of yours on your patio or *eck just outsi*e the kitchen of yours, an* you are going to fin* yourself harvesting much more frequently than in case you'* to walk out with the backyar* gar*en. You can also bring several of the containers in*oors once the weather turns col*. Don't forget to inclu*e several herbs, also.

Taking Raise* Be*s to New Heights
Substantial Raise* Be*s
A great *eal of times raise* be*s are just a couple of inches away from the soil. While that provi*es a*vantages on the plants, like enhance* *rainage an* warming the *irt earlier in the springtime, you are able to provi*e the gar*ener another a*vantage in case you improve the be* much greater - less ben*ing.

Carrying the planting be*s to waist level, similar to the 3 weathere* troughs operating through this colorful gar*en, means har*ly any ben*ing an* a lot less wil*life issues which woul* usually nee* extra fencing.

Develop a Gar*en Room
The wor* yar* room typically *escribes a seclu*e* area in the gar*en. though gar*ening in a greenhouse won't just give fresh vegetables year roun*, however, you are able to a**itionally pull up a chair an* actually view the plant life grow.

This particular green house offers a view of the gar*ening outsi*e along with the sheltere* veggies as well as flowers growing un*ercover. It's a fantastic area to create an office as you keep tabs on exactly how everything is rising.

Gar*ening Au Naturel
A Permaculture Gar*en
In case you're *rawn towar* sustainability, check into *eveloping a permaculture gar*en. This particular kin* of gar*ening tries to *uplicate the layering present in healthy metho*s & forests. You will fin* top story trees, climbers, perennial veggies, root crops, along with self sowers which intermingle, pro*ucing your in*ivi*ual private foraging gar*en.

It takes plenty of effort to make a functioning permaculture gar*en, though it is going to require a lot less upkeep than tra*itional vegetable gar*ens the moment it gets going.

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